Help for Anxiety and Depression

When we feel good with ourselves, we are more productive, happy, engaged and open to new experiences and information. We have all developed strategies for coping with life: some healthy and some not so healthy. But when our usual coping ways start to break down, or we are overwhelmed, we may become anxious or depressed. This happens on a continuum. Mild anxiety or depression are like getting a cold virus. Severe anxiety or depression are more like a serious disease. What many people don’t realize, is that this happens at some level to everyone, just like everyone gets a cold sometimes. Just like with physical health, emotional health is more robust when we practice life balancing strategies, like eating healthy foods, exercising, having positive relationships, and exploring new information, experiences and creativity. Even then, grief or loss can throw us for a loop, so it is helpful to review our options for coping and sometimes to seek counseling.